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Below are the most frequently asked questions. If a question is not listed, please send an e-mail to

Unlimited enjoyment

What does unlimited enjoyment mean at Heinde & Ver?

Unlimited enjoyment of dishes and products for a fixed price, without restrictions! From Monday to Thursday for €37.50 and at the weekend for only €42.50. Drinks such as soft drinks, beer, wine, and coffee or tea are included in the fixed price. Special beers, strong liquors, cocktails, and specialty coffees are available for a small extra price. The menu price for children from 4 to 11 years old is €22.50. We draw your attention to the following: Unlimited enjoyment in format, waste does not benefit anyone! We, therefore, ask our guests to eat all dishes and drink the drinks that have been ordered.

What are the minimum opening hours of the restaurants and kitchens?

All restaurants are open seven days a week from (minimum) 17:00 to 23:00. The kitchen closes at 22:00, desserts can be ordered until 22:30 and the last round is served at 23:00.

Is unlimited enjoyment at Heinde & Ver bound to a certain time?

At Heinde & Ver, you can enjoy our dishes and drinks during the opening hours of the kitchen. This means unlimited enjoyment all evening for a fixed price. The table is reserved for you all evening.

Are the dishes from the same order round delivered at the same time?

The dishes are served per order. Everyone can dine and enjoy the dishes at the same time. Larger groups are asked to order in subgroups. In this case, the dishes are served per subgroup and therefore the entire group does not eat at the same time.

Is there a children's menu and what is the price for children?

We serve dishes and drinks for children from 4 to 11 years old for €22.50 per person. At Heinde & Ver, there is no special children's menu, so you can enjoy all dishes from the menu. There are no special children's play areas at the restaurants.

Is there a different price charged on public holidays?

On public holidays such as Easter, Ascension Day, Pentecost, and New Year's Eve, the standard weekend rate of €42.50 is charged. At Christmas, you can enjoy limitless dishes and drinks for €47.50. For children from 4 to 11 years old, the price is €27.50.

Can I only order at Heinde & Ver with the QR code?

At Heinde & Ver you can easily order your dishes via a QR code. You can scan the QR code with your own phone. Do you prefer to order by paper? No problem, this choice is completely up to you!

Empty phone? Every location has a power bank available so you can charge your phone.

Menu & allergies

Is there a translation of the menu available?

Yes, an English menu is available in our restaurants and on our website.

I suffer from a food allergy. Can you take this into account?

If you indicate what you are allergic to when making your reservation, our chefs can take this into account. In addition, you can see for yourself what you can and cannot eat in our allergen guide.

Which dishes can I eat with an allergy?

An allergen guide is available on the Heinde & Ver website. In the allergen guide, you can choose the relevant allergy. It then becomes clear which dishes can and cannot be consumed. The allergen guide is strict, so a negative advice is also given when traces of a certain ingredient are found.

If you have an allergy, you must always report this to our staff. Several dishes only contain allergens in the sauces, these dishes can be served without sauce.

Heinde & Ver prepares various dishes in its kitchen, despite all precautions we cannot completely exclude the risk of cross-contamination.

No rights can be derived from the allergen guide.

I have a gastric bypass. Do you charge a different price for this?

We do not use adjusted rates. Tip! Ask the restaurant if they can serve half portions. This way you can try different dishes. This can be arranged in consultation with the location.

To reserve

Do I have to make a reservation or can I just walk in?

Reservations are recommended and this will assure you of a spot. However, spontaneous walking in is also possible. At busy times there is a chance that you will have to wait at the bar or that we do not have a place.

How can I make a reservation?

You can book online with us via the reservation page. Do you want to make a reservation for a larger group? Then you can send an e-mail to the restaurant of your choice or contact us by telephone. Check the location page of the restaurant to see from what time they can be reached.

How far in advance do I have to make a reservation?

That depends entirely on the date, the number of guests, and the availability for that day. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you make a reservation immediately when you know the day and time you want to come for dinner.

How do I make changes to my existing reservation?

You can change your reservation up to 2 hours in advance by e-mail, telephone or via the Resengo confirmation e-mail.

Would you like to report your change by e-mail or by telephone? Check the location of your preference for the contact details. It is also indicated from what time they can be reached by telephone.

Would you rather change your reservation in Resengo? In the confirmation email of the reservation there is a link with which you can change it.


Do all locations have parking lots?

On the reservation page, it is indicated at all locations whether parking spaces are available. If not, the nearest parking garage is listed.

Are the restaurants accessible by public transport?

All our restaurants are located in locations that are easily accessible by public transport. For the best route and connections by public transport, please use

Gift cards

Does Heinde & Ver work with gift cards?

At Heinde & Ver, we work with both digital and physical gift cards. You can order the gift cards by clicking on the gift icon on our homepage. You can also purchase the physical gift card in our restaurants

When making an (online) reservation, do I have to state that I want to pay with a Heinde & Ver gift card?

This is not necessary if you book online. If you make a reservation by telephone, you can report this and this will be added to your reservation.

Can I also pay with other types of dinner vouchers at Heinde & Ver?

At Heinde & Ver, we work with our own gift cards. It is not possible to pay with other dinner vouchers or gift cards.


I have a special wish because I have something to celebrate. Can this be taken into account?

We are happy to think along with you about the possibilities. You can discuss your wishes by telephone with the relevant location. Check the location page from what time they can be reached by phone.

Are there any conditions that must be met?

At Heinde & Ver, we work with several guidelines that we ask our guests to adhere to. If these conditions are exceeded, the manager of the branch will intervene. Here you will find the conditions.

Where can I report a question, complaint, or comment?

If you have a question, complaint, or comment regarding a specific location, please contact this location. You can reach the head office by email at

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